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Custom Hand-Engraved Velocity Stack Air Cleaner for Harley Davidson

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The hand-engraved velocity stacks are truly a work of art. Our artist will work with you to determine the perfect design for your bike. The examples shown were inspired by the owner who told the artist about his tattoos. Each design is unique with no two pieces alike. After working with you to design the perfect piece, the artist spends days engraving each detail with care. These are engraved on the RXC Design high-flow Classic Velocity Stack Cleaner which is CNC milled out of one piece of billet aluminium. The intake gives an old school look while providing more performance. 

These ship with the included high-flow air filter element so you can bolt on and ride. 


Because of the conical geometry of the high-flow element together with the conically shaped intake, air enters at a higher speed and pressure into the motor. More air being delivered equals more power. The length and body shape also provide a more direct input which results in a more intense flow and less turbulent air. The intake is engineered so that cooler air, further away from the the motor (as opposed to the stock Harley intake), is sucked into the motor. Colder air is denser and also contributes to more oxygen available to burn. 

Using a stock Sportster 1200 as an example on the dyno: We see an increase in horsepower from 56.8 HP to 73.57 HP and an increase in torque from 66 ft.lbs to 82 ft.lbs with our velocity stack air cleaner and aftermarket mufflers. 

With these intakes your bike will have superior performance and obviously a much better look compared with the original system. 

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These air intakes will fit any Harley Davidson motorcycle. Please send us an email or respond to our email requesting your model and year of your bike so we can send you the right base plate. 

Delivery time: 

Note that after you place your order, we will be in contact to discuss the design you are interested in. There is back and forth between the artist and your feedback to determine the perfect design plus the actual hand-engraving itself. We ship 2-day shipping as soon as it is finished. From time of purchase to delivery on this product varies, but averages around 4 weeks. 

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